"La inspiración existe pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando."

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AP & IB Spanish Theme Video & Reading Activities Bundle
This Spanish Casi Creativo videos are an excellent addition to all Spanish classrooms.  These videos help facilitate class discussions and motivate students to improve their listening skills.

Traduciendo canciones a español -
Fun Name that Tune Classroom Game

Come vegetales -
Health & Foods Funny Spanish Video Activities

Ocho vasos de agua al día -
Health & Foods Funny Spanish Video Activities

Fun Spanish Brain Breaks & Warm-Up Activities -
Pasatiempos y estereotipos

Quisiera ser -
Spanish Video Activity & Comprehension Questions

Amenazas de madre -
Funny Spanish Mother's Day Video Activity

El día de las madres - Mother's Day Video Activity

Gracias, Mamá - Mother's Day Video Activity

Gracias, Papá - Father's Day Video Activity

Para ti, fracasado - Success Requires Hard Work

Future Plan & Getting Motivated Funny Video Activities

Spanish Technology & Future Video Activities

Technology, Use of Cell Phones & Personality
Type Video Activities

El miedo - Fear Video Activity

Lunes - Monday Spanish Video Activity

AP Spanish Funny Christmas Video Activity

¿Turista o viajero?