“We make a living by what we get,
but we  make a life by what we give."
                            - Winston Churchill
Click here to view the Livin’ La Vida Latina - Salud video!
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music video!
The Livin' La Vida Latina television program series began in 2005 as an educational tool to connect high school students with the underserved segments of our community.  Students have created and produced several educational episodes related to topics such as Hispanic community services, immigration, and cultural topics.  Students have also participated in volunteer projects and collaborative work with Spanish students from other area schools as well as with native speakers from the community.  These Spanish students have created fantastic music videos, interviews with community leaders, and informative documentaries about current issues.

Click here to view an inspiring and enlightening video about immigration!
Click here to watch Spanish music videos created by students!
Click here to watch some interesting and often funny interviews with native Spanish speakers!
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