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All of the Power Points, readings, comprehension questions, door
signs, activity tickets, quizzes, AP cultural comparison, and video
links that we use for our holidays around the world event as well as for our holidays unit are included in this Spanish and Hispanic
holidays bundle
for intermediate and advanced Spanish students.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to not only teach Christmas vocabulary but also vocabulary related to family, New Year's Eve,
and Three Kings' Day.

La Navidad en España
Watch this video in Spanish to learn about the holiday traditions for la Navidad, Los Reyes Magos and La Nochevieja in Spain. (Closed captioning enhances learning.)

Las Fiestas Navideñas (1)
Watch this interesting Castilian video to learn about Christmas, New Year’s, and Día de los Reyes Magos traditions in Spain. 

Las Fiestas Navideñas (2)
Watch this funny video with a little boy writing a letter with his Christmas wishes. 

Coca Cola - Una Carta de Santa

Comercial - Navidad Falabella Colombia

Te Regalo (Esta Navidad) por Sebastián Yatra

Feliz Navidad y las Posadas

¡Feliz Navidad!

La Navidad en España, Fiestas, Tradiciones

La Navidad en España y la América Latina

Los Grados de Separación - La Piñata

Lotería de Navidad 2014

Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2014

El Gordo Navideño

Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2015

Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2017

Tradiciones Navideñas en México

Una Carta a Viejito Pascuero

Ya Es Navidad 1

Ya Es Navidad 2

Madrid Es Navidad

La Navidad en España y América Latina

Navidad Hispana

La Navidad en México y en los Estados Unidos

Visit the following LINK to find more Christmas video activities for beginning through advanced Spanish students!

Click here for additional resources and ideas for other
Spanish and Hispanic holidays!

Click here to learn about our Holidays Around the World Event!

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”
                                    - Buddy, Elf