"Teaching is not a profession; it's a passion."
                                                  - Unknown
Teachers - You are invited to use the following videos to enhance the Spanish language learning and cultural knowledge in your classroom!
Click here to learn the importance of studying a foreign language!  (Humor)
Click here to watch
¿Qué hora es?,
la telenovela loca! (Humor)

Click here to see  baby's first words! (Humor)
Click here to listen to the One Semester of Spanish Love Song with Kim Kardashian! (Humor)

Click here to find hidden Spanish words in popular songs!  (Humor)
Click here to watch the TV ad,
El Gatero
Click here to learn why teachers are the miracle workers!  (Humor)
Click here to watch
Before He Cheats (the teacher version)! (Humor)
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Click here to learn the most difficult parts of learning Spanish!  (Humor)