"Teaching is not a profession; it's a passion."
                                                  - Unknown
Teachers - You are invited to use the following videos to enhance the Spanish language learning and cultural knowledge in your classroom!
Click here to sing Los Pollitos Dicen!

Click here to visit all of the animals on Old McDonald's farm!
For a complete list of all video links and resources found on this site,
please click here.

Click here to sing and dance to the song,
El Ómnibus!
Click here to enjoy the children's song, Estatua!
Click here to encourage your students to bring Conjugations Back!
Click here to learn using a Podcuento
(El Chico De La Cueva)!
Click here to listen to telephone numbers in Spanish!
Click here to watch the children's video Pocoyo - La Flor Musical!
Click here to sing and dance to Solecitos - Lávate Las Manos!
Click here to learn how to use Reflexive Verbs with Sr. Mara!
Click here to learn the days of the week in Spanish!
Click here to learn how to count to 30 in Spanish!
Click here to sing the popular Spanish song, De Colores!
Click here to march to march along to the Spanish alphabet!
Click here to sing learn body parts with the song Baila Con Tu Cuerpo!
Click here to review adjective/noun agreement with the song, Agree It!
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