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Spanish and Hispanic Art & Artists Unit -
Complete lesson plans, ideas, and resources!

*This Art and Artists Unit is ideal for intermediate and advanced classes, but can be adapted for younger learners.  There are Power Point presentations, notes in Spanish, notes in English, Fill-in Notes, Quizzes, Videos, Guess the artist listening activities, Guess the style of art activities, and art vocabulary activities.

Step One: Art-related Vocabulary
Teach art-related vocabulary such as painting, masterpiece, sculpture, etc. using this adorable vocabulary unit and Power Point presentation.

Step Two: Power Point Presentation and informational notes
Use this Power Point with cool images to teach about all of the types of art from traditional art, to street art, to children’s art.  This Power Point also includes images and information about the following artists: Diego Velázquez, El Greco, Francisco de Goya, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, and Fernando Botero.  The videos below extend student learning to further expand upon the topics included in the presentation. 

Along with the presentation, show these videos to expand student learning. 

~ Los Videos de Arte
¿Qué Es El Arte?
*This video explains the concept of what art is and why everyone should develop their own ideas and talents regarding beauty and art.

La Historia de Arte
*This video shows pieces of art chronologically though all of the various periods from cave drawings through abstract art.

Las 15 Pinturas Más Famosas y Sus Historias

Los 10 cuadros más importantes de la historia

Diego Rivera and Famous Mexican Artists
*This video (In English) explains Mexico’s contributions to the art world with the muralist movement.  Excellent!

Los cinco pintores más importantes de Latinoamérica

Visitar Museo del Prado en tres minutos
*Take a virtual tour of this Spanish museum and see the 10 most popular paintings that are on exhibit at El Prado.

Reina Sofía Museum Madrid
*This video (in English) clearly explains the types of art exhibits that are located at El Reina Sofía including Guernica.

Global Street Art - Mexico City
(Spanish with English subtitles)

*This video compares traditional Mexican muralists
with current Street art.

Arte callejero. Arte urbano. Post graffiti. Street art. Intervención específica 
*View beautiful images of street art in this video.  Perfect to spark a discussion about what art is and is not.

Step Three: Guided notes, Complete notes, and Comprehension Questions
To complement the presentation, students can read the detailed notes about the artists and answer the comprehension questions before the presentation so they are familiar with the information.  Or, the students can fill in the guided notes while they listen to the presentation and read the detailed notes after each part of the presentation.  For AP students, this lesson can be taught in a few days. For levels 2 or 3, the teacher may prefer to teach the various types of art one day.  The next day, the teacher may highlight a few of the Spanish artists included.  The following day, the teacher may present about the remaining Spanish artists.  The next day, the teacher can teach a few of the Latin American artists, and finally the last day, the teacher can teach about the remaining Latin American artists. 

The presentation and all of the sets of notes include biographical information, famous works of art, artistic styles, and various other interesting facts.

Step Four: Excellent Biographical and Masterpieces Videos
Along with the notes and presentations, there are excellent videos that include biographical information about the artists as well as images of their famous works of art.  As the teacher teaches each of the artists, he/she can show the related videos for that artist.

Cómo analizar una obra de arte -
Las Hilanderas por Diego Velázquez

*This video uses the painting, Las Hilanderas, to explain how to analyze art by looking at the context, the time period during which it was painted, the artist’s technique and perspective, the materials used, the style of the painting and the content/theme (religion, customs, landscape, political).

Las Meninas de Velázquez
*Commentary from Museo Nacional del Prado

Las Meninas de Velázquez
*This video briefly explains the images found in the masterpiece,
Las Meninas.
Las Meninas
*This video includes a detailed description of Las Meninas.

El Greco para niños
*This is an excellent and very thorough biography about El Greco.

Goya Para Niños
*This video shows many of Goya’s works and explains the various
themes he painted. 

La vida de Goya
*This informative video explains the life and works of Goya.

Obras de Picasso
*This video organizes Picasso’s works according to his artistic periods. 

La vida de Picasso
*This amazing video tells the story of Picasso’s life as well as his masterpieces.  Start at 1:04.  At the end, the video explains
cubismo very clearly!  

¿Qué significa Guernica?

Las Obras Principales de Picasso

Descubriendo a Miró
*This video shows many of Mirós beautiful paintings.

Salvador Dalí Desconocido
*10 Curiosidades de Salvador Dalí

Minibiografías: Salvador Dalí
*Excellent mini-briography about Salvador Dalí that includes
his masterpieces.

Salvador Dalí Entrevista
*Show this video to upper level students only - It demonstrates the controversial nature of Dalís beliefs.

La Vida de Frida Kahlo (Biografía)
*This informative video details the life and major works of Kahlo.

Pinturas famosas de Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo - Biografía para niños

Frida Kahlo para Niños
*This comprehensible video relates the life and works of Kahlo.

Biografía de Diego Rivera
*This wonderful video is filled with information about the life, works, themes, and painting style of Diego Rivera.

Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera
*See video footage and pictures from the lives of these
two extraordinary artists!

Murales de Diego Rivera en México D.F.
*Take an amazing tour of several Rivera murals throughout Mexico.

Las obras de Rufino Tamayo
*This video relates details of Tamayo’s works and shows many
of his greatest masterpieces.

Fernando Botero’s Masterpieces

Botero Nos Cuenta Su Historia a Sus 80 Años
*This brief interview with Botero includes a lot of information about his life, his works, and his style of painting.

Museo Botero - Una Gira Virtual
*This video is easy to understand and takes the viewer on a virtual tour through Botero’s museum in Bogotá, Colombia.

Entrevista exclusiva: Fernando Botero

Botero - 80 años

100 Works by Fernando Botero

"Los músicos" por Fernando Botero

El arte de Fernando Botero

Botero para los niños

Step Five: Create Art With Graffiti Cards!
Give students the opportunity to create their own art!  Hang up large sheets of paper in the classroom and give the students a few of the graffiti cards included.  There are cards that tell students to start a revolution with their art, create a portrait of their family in the style of Botero, as well as many other creative ideas to demonstrate their knowledge of the artists and their various styles.  Give the students time to create art that represents all they have learned. 

Step Six: Who Am I? Artist Guessing Game
Read the ten descriptions of famous artists in Spanish.  Students use the included answer sheet to write down their guesses during this fun listening activity.

Step Seven: Assessment - Quiz
Teachers can use one or both of the art quizzes to further assess student learning.  One of the quizzes assesses the students' overall learning of the art and artists from this unit and the other tests their ability to match the famous works of art with the correct artists.  Teachers grade them with the included key to assess student learning from this art unit.

Step Eight: Additional Videos
The teacher may want to save some of the videos such as the ones about the top 15 masterpieces of all time, the top five painters of all time, or the ones that compare/contrast the muralists with current street art in Mexico and Chile. These can be shown after the entire art unit to spark students’ ability to make cultural connections and comparisons to their own culture.

Step Nine: Additional Resources
The teacher may want to use the following video activites to add to the art unit.  The following activities can also be used separately or throughout the year to review art and the Spanish-speaking artists.

Frida Kahlo Video

Diego Rivera Video

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Video Activites

Fernando Botero Video

Antonio Berni Video

Fernando Botero and Antonio Berni Video Activities

Diego Rivera Mural Video

Diego Rivera Mural Video Activities