"Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do."
                                                - Pele
Teachers - These are some of our favorite resources for teaching
Health Vocabulary in our classes!
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Health Vocabulary Power Point
Body Parts Vocabulary Power Point
These Power Points are clear, interactive, illustrated, and animated. 
They are a great way to introduce body parts and health
vocabulary units to students.
These health units include interactive and fun activities to help reinforce Health Vocabulary while encouraging students to speak and write in Spanish!
Health Vocabulary Activities and Games Unit
Health Vocabulary, Crossword,
and Flash Cards Unit
Click here to watch the Doki Descubre Doctor Video!
Click here to watch
the Doki Descubre
El Esqueleto Humano Video!
Click here to listen to a public service announcement on the importance of exercise!

Click here to watch an ASA medical commercial in Spanish!
Click here to watch El Cuidado de Nuestro Cuerpo!
Click here to see the Guardian Healthcare commerical in Spanish!
Click here to learn the importance of exercising!
Click here to sing the La Dentista song!
Click here to learn how what to do if someone has a stroke!
Click here to sing and dance to Solecitos - Lávate Las Manos!
Click here to watch an ad for the Airclimber in Spanish!
Click here to watch the touching Niños con Cáncer ad!

Click here to watch Juanes sing his hit song, Yerbatero!
Click here to learn La Importancia de Lavarse con Doki Descubre!
Click here to extend your students' thinking with this touching music video, Durmiendo con la Luna!

Click here to learn how this innovative program teaches children about medical procedures using Teddy Bears!
Click here to view this short pain relief medicine commercial!
Click here to watch this short Spanish commercial to remind students to wash their hands to stay healthy!
Click here to watch this cute cartoon where a little boy learns about proper nutrition from his papá!
Click here to watch this AWESOME Spanish educational video that explains the importance of living a healthy life and discusses the importance of positive choices!
Click here to watch this brief Castilian video teaches basic health vocabulary with a fun dialogue between teens!
Click here to reinforce daily routine and reflexive verbs by watching this funny music videol!
Click here to watch this Castilian video with advice for the ideal breakfast for kids!
Click here to watch this funny Messi commercial that advertises healthy bread!

Click here for a Medical Videos Resources List for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Classes!